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Interested in becoming a member of the advisory group?

We need your help to create guidelines that are meaningful and applicable to nurses in the intensive care unit

This project has finished

The purpose of an advisory group

 An advisory group, including previous ICU patients and family members, ICU clinicians, managers and researchers, can help us determine the scope of the practice guidelines. The scope describes what the guidelines will and will not cover, whom the guidelines are meant for and which actions or interventions will be the focus of the guidelines.

What does it mean to be a member of the guideline advisory group?


  • Adult = 18 years and up

  • You have experience with agitated behaviours in the adult (Danish or Australian) intensive care unit. For example, you have experienced being agitated yourself, you visited a family member or a friend who was agitated, you have managed agitation as a clinician, or you have other expertise in agitated behaviours for example through research.

  • You can read and understand either plain English or Danish.

  • You have a computer available and internet connection.


We hope to recruit members from a wide range of backgrounds and encourage people with disabilities, people from ethnic minority groups and indigenous populations to participate.

​What is expected of you:

  • You are asked to set aside time to read a short guideline scope document. 

  • You are prepared to share your opinions about the guidelines.

  • You choose one (or more) of the following options to provide your feedback:

    • Attend a 3-hour online workshop

    • Attend a one-on-one online meeting with Anne Mette, the project lead.

    • Provide written feedback.

What will you get from participating?

  • You will receive a $30 voucher. 

  • This is your opportunity to contribute to improving the care provided to patients in ICU.

  • We will keep you updated on the progress of the study.

  • Online

What is required and what to expect

Workshops that allow you to express your opinion


We believe that your voice and your opinions are important therefore we have created workshops that will allow you to discuss issues in your preferred language and with people who may have similar experiences to you. 

Types of workshops:




ICU clinician/  topic expert




ICU clinician/  topic expert


Registration (closed!)

To register your interest in this study please take the time to fill out the information below.

Recruitment has closed! Thanks to all of those who have provided advice on our study. We will be recruiting for the Delphi study by the end of the year. Please check back on how you can be involved. 


Thank you for your interest in this study - your voice is important and could make a world of difference